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Advanced technologies enhance the quality of care for our patients.

Advanced Endodontic Technologies


Who are Houston Endodontic Specialists? It’s all in our name.

We are a dedicated team of dental professionals with advanced training in endodontics, or root canal, therapy. For more than 40 years, we have helped thousands of Houston area patients eliminate their pain and discomfort associated with endodontic disease and infection.

As members of the American Association of Endodontists, we take great pride in providing quality care at the highest standards so that you can significantly improve your outcome and quality of life. We also offer comprehensive care for any inpatient or outpatient procedure, as required by special endodontic cases, by consulting with our community of various credentialed medical professionals at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital. So you can rest assured that no case is too complex for us to handle.

Always on the pulse of modern root canal procedures and treatments, we continuously train and use the latest in endodontic technologies, including micro-endodontics, digital x-rays, bacteriologic cultures and sensitivities, ultrasonic instrumentation and fiber optic technologies, just to name a few. Whether you require conventional micro-endodontic or micro-surgical endodontic services, we will design a treatment plan to meet your needs at any stage of your dental health.

Your treatment will never be as conservative and cost effective than it is today. Furthermore, all recall appointments are at no charge.

Houston Endodontic Specialists


Our facility is equipped with highly specialized equipment and our doctors have undergone intensive training.  Our operating microscopes equipped with magnification and fiber optic illumination are invaluable tools that assist us in performing the highly technical aspects of endodontic treatment. The microscopes are also equipped with high-resolution video and digital imaging to help document cases for enhanced communication with you, our patient, and your doctor.


Precision is key when it comes to preparing and treating the sensitive environments in which we work. Sophisticated ultrasonics, which vibrate at 30,000 cycles per second, aid our skilled doctors in several delicate procedures, such as the removal of posts and metal instruments, the preparation of the root-end for retrograde fillings and the search for calcified canals.


Successful treatment of your root canal also depends on a clean environment, free of bacteria and damaged tissue. We use an effective combination of hand and rotary instruments as well as liquid antimicrobial agents to help remove this bacteria and tissue, achieve the highest level of disinfection and prevent infection.


Bacterial infections can be a source of further pain in the already sensitive root canal area. In order to effectively eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, we detect the source of the infection and take bacterial samples from the infected area, clearly identify the nature of your infection then recommend an antibiotic therapy that specifically targets the problem.


The advancements in endodontic therapy range from the tools we use, the procedures we employ and the materials we select. Mineral trioxide aggregate, or MTA, is the latest in endodontic cement fillers. It’s biocompatibility and high resistance to leakage make it the best choice for use in several procedures: pulp capping, resorption repairs, perforation repairs, root-end filling during surgical treatment and apical plugging during apexification.


Each treatment area in our office includes digital x-ray imaging to provide our doctors a snapshot of your tooth at every stage of your treatment. You can share the records electronically, with your dentist or insurance company at any time. And you can rest assured that our sophisticated imaging equipment is the safest around, dramatically reducing the amount of exposure to radiation.


Endodontic treatment does not always require sedation, but we understand that some patients may need a little assistance to ease their anxiety during treatment. Our doctors are specially trained and licensed to provide sedation treatment and equipped with the technology to ensure appropriate and safe use of sedative agents. Our fellow professionals throughout the hospital are available to administer deeper levels of sedation if you require it.